Review: Disturbed – Believe

Believe was created to “bring back the majesty of metal” and it reaches its goal. With David Draimans captivating voice combined with the precision of the compelling music provided by the rest of the band members the music commands the audience and transcends the meanings of the lyrics to a spiritual sensation that you must embrace. The opening tracks “Prayer” and Liberate powerfully deliver a vocal attack to the mind and dispense thoughts on the importance of everyday issues.

Throughout the album Dan Donegan conveys powerful riffs that compel even the strongest minded of people into a senseless state where they move together in union while Mike Wengren adds his powerful rhythmic drumming to the recipe of greatness.Mistress is another intense track but is also delivered with a sense of introspective thought; it is simple yet potent and provides the effectiveness that brings the magic of the album together.

The closing track “Darkness” has a gentle yet emotional combined acoustic and piano melody with David’s added warm voice discarding the rough perpetual enunciation of the previous tracks and producing the equivocal last track that the band wanted so that they could then have an open mind on which way to go next for the third album although since the departure of Fuzz there has been much anger in the band so prepare for an amazingly powerful and violent third album.

4/5 a solid second album bring on the third.