Review: Puddle of Mudd – Life on Display

“Away from me” is a powerful introduction to Life On Display and the power continues throughout including in “Nothing left to lose” and the fantastic “Already gone” which is almost hypnotic with the rhythmic beats sending satisfying shivers up your spine letting you drift into the song yourself.

Emotion is always apparent with music but this album is bursting at the brim with it and that’s what makes it sound so good, the upbeat tracks are examples of when Puddle of Mudd just let themselves go and they drive themselves to the limit, they bring the true meaning of this business back.

Life On Display is Puddle of Mudd they put themselves on display for the music and the music is the most important thing not money and if you don’t think that then you aren’t a musician. Puddle of mudd quite often get put down by some Music critics but get a lot of respect from us guys, we thought the first album was brillinat and unbeatable but Puddle of Mudd have proved us wrong by bringing out this great new album.

If you never liked Puddle of Mudd up to now we recommend you give them a second chance with this album, we are sure you will love it!

4 out of 5