Having already headlined a London venue for what was only their third show ever, space travelling nutters ZEEB? have been picked up by the Radio1 supported travelling rock show TRANSIT.   ZEEB? will be joined by TEN SECOND WINDOW and AKYMBO for dates in Ipswich, Cambridge and Aylesbury.  

All three shows will be filmed by the BBC for broadcast on a later date. In conjunction with the live dates a cd featuring all bands will be released. Featuring QOTSA/ PIXIES/ STEREOLAB style sounds, wrestling masks, beat boxing and crowd participation ZEEB? have established a reputation for a live show described as ‘slightly disturbing but F**cking entertaining!”

Yes those weird Alien Rockers have landed and have begun there campaign to assimilate planet earth.

Catch space fever on these dates:

8th November 2004
Ipswich Ice Bar

13th November 2004
Cambridge Café Afrika

14th November 2004
Aylesbury Campbells Nightclub